Our Process

Our Process

L2 is a “quantamental” firm that strives to capitalize on cutting-edge quantitative expertise, market-leading knowledge in behavioral finance integrated with fundamental analysis and oversight.


L2 utilizes both fundamental and quantitative factors with long track records of identifying stocks that are trading below and above their long-term intrinsic value. Our commitment to this process helps avoid the behavioral errors in order to improve investment outcomes for our clients.


Traditional quantitative managers often use signals that are agnostic of qualitative factors that could have significant bearing on the future performance of a firm. We understand the quantitative and qualitative merits of the companies we own and why they are mispriced.

Why We Believe it is Important:

By using our method of portfolio construction that operates with highly prescribed processes L2 avoids many behavioral errors often committed by fundamental investors.  Combining the above discipline with rigorous fundamental oversight L2 is also able to ensure that both risk and portfolio composition benefit from a dispassionate and common sense review.


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